Video stories that win hearts & brand loyalty.

Video stories that win hearts & brand loyalty.

We win hearts and brand loyalty for organizations that are changing the world.

We are a crazy, technical, artistic and grounded team of directors, writers, editors, nerds and adventurers armed with a fearless passion to say something meaningful through film. We dare to dive into the deep end with people and organizations who have courageously decided to tell their stories and connect with the world. With abandoned zeal and spirit, technical know-how, a dash of edge and a finish of excellence, each film we make is a message and a prayer – a message that connects your heart to your audience and a prayer that this message will leave behind a profound and lasting impact. Come journey with us as we set out to change the world with you!

Our Work

Vancouver Board of Trade

World Animal Protection

Vancity Cycling

"Our video project with them at Steveston Harbour Authority required communicating nuanced technical information, creating an emotional connection with audience and the unpredictability of an active harbour. They managed it beautifully to create a video that we know will inspire people..."

World Animal Protection Canada

"I can’t tell you how many times people have written to us and shared that watching the video brought tears to their eyes. They expertly provided us with an opportunity to increase our organizations’ profile in the community and the not-for-profit sector."

Forest and the Femme

"Wakefield has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in my service by really getting to know me and portray it authentically and genuinely on video... The video has been generating a tonne of interest from the public and I've only heard amazing things said about the video they did for me."

Gary Wong Realty

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