Let's face it.

Marketing has changed and consumers don't just believe what they're told anymore. Instead, we help our clients engage audiences by making them fall in love with what they're shown

We craft videos for visionary organizations that win people's hearts, using emotive storytelling and technical artistry to move audiences.

From Viewers to Brand Loyalists

Our videos awaken meaningful, memorable connections. We're proud to have helped our clients move their audience from viewers to brand loyalists:

We Are

No matter what you do, whether it’s selling a product or championing a cause, there is heart behind what you do, and your audience should know it. At Wakefield, we dive deep into the things that you care about, learning everything we can about your story. In our videos, we are able to draw out why you do what you do. We explore stories about the lives you have changed.
Combining all these with state of the art filmmaking and creative storytelling ability, we create authentic videos that compel your target audience. What you do and who you are matters, and we share that in a way that awakens meaningful connections and wins brand loyalty.