Actions Speak Loud – The HUB & Vancity

By Nouver | March 6, 2015

I felt like I was going to die. Just kidding. Well, maybe not… But my arm was definitely dying. How did I get there, you ask. Well…

We live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and more and more, people realize that in order to keep it beautiful, or even make it more beautiful, we need to change the way we do things, or in this case, the way we get around. One thing we underutilize in Vancouver is our legs, and by extension, our bikes.

HUB is out to change that. By raising awareness of the amazing cycling opportunities that are out there, and by helping companies realizing the potential in promoting a cycle-friendly culture, they’re helping people get healthy and opening a new horizon of discovering the city by getting around on bicycles. Vancity is also an amazing partner, by hosting HUB courses, and building a very cycle friendly space with a secure bike locker, locker room and shower facilities, allowing cyclists to get to work, and comfortably change into their professional work attire.

We got to film one of their managers, Anthonia, on her way to work. She was such a trooper! And Vancouver weather actually cooperated with us, and we got to follow her on her path. And I got to hang out of the back of the car, with the back hatch glass open, operating the Glidecam. Kids, don’t do this at home 😉 But we were able to get some really awesome shots, driving and running.

Yup, my arm was dying at the end of the shoot, but it was worth it. Telling an awesome story, raising awareness about a great cause and being able to shoot great shots while we’re at it? Sign me up 🙂

– Nouver

Director: Donna Cheung
DP: Nouver Cheung
Script: Nouver Chueng, Donna Cheung, Jenn Co
Production Designer: Greta Lee
Production Assistant: Jenn Co
Additional Cinematography: Aaron Jay
Music: Eli Bennett
Audio Mixing/Sound Design: Simon Cho


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