B.O.Z’s Transformation [CBS: Real Stories]

By Nouver | December 8, 2015

You always see in movies where someone has something to hide, the proverbial “closet full of skeletons”. It’s either some illness, or some character defect, some past failure that is too heinous for forgiveness and only makes people judge you and hate you. And the writing typically has three different directions to head towards:

The secret is discovered and people hate that character
The secret is discovered and nothing happens
The secret is discovered, there are consequences, but good comes out of it.

The first two, though plausible, suck in their own ways. One is super judgmental and the other merely excuses the bad deed.

Like most things in life, the balanced approach is usually the one that can be most positive. Certainly, things can end terribly, people can be judgmental, or they can brush stuff off, but when people can look squarely at their past for what it is, and use that past as a springboard towards their future, I believe great good can come from it.

Like Bosco Poon, or B.O.Z. If you google his name, you’ll find out about his past and how his actions cost him a good amount of time in prison and a criminal record. But if you’ll stick around and listen, dig a little bit deeper, you’ll see the redemption that rises from the ashes. Boz’s story is one of God’s redemption, of God taking something bad, Boz’s prison time, and making something good come out of it. For Boz, God became real, and God’s word came to life for him.

Today, Boz doesn’t let his past weigh him down, but uses it as a platform to speak from. He doesn’t excuse what he did, but he squarely accepts the responsibility and uses his story as something to inspire people to encounter God and to stand up for the right things. And that gives more glory to Him.

– Nouver

Cinematography & Editing by Nouver Cheung and Richard Tran

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