BCMOS – Changed Perspective

By Nouver | February 5, 2018

The more I grow older, the more I learn. Now that we have a child, I find I’m learning wonder and joy all over again. One of the milestone moments was when I saw him start to walk and the joy that the newfound mobility brought him. It was something to behold.

Mobility is something we take for granted but watching Eric get transported in a trail rider up to Quarry Rock by seven wonderful volunteer sherpas reinforced in me that mobility is a precious gift and is something that can be shared. Filming the BCMOS trail rider and volunteers in action was an amazing experience where we witnessed the perseverance and strength of the human spirit at work.

You might think the trail rider just sits there, but it is hard work keeping oneself balanced, countering the lifting that the volunteers were exerting. And the volunteers were definitely exerting much effort while navigating stairs, bumps, rain, etc. Any time we get to witness the overcoming of an obstacle is a privilege and we were able to watch as they never let Eric’s lack of full mobility prevent him from getting to an amazing view.

Director: Nouver Cheung
DP: Richard Tran
AD/Editor: Joseph Chow
Producer: Donna Cheung

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