Forest and the Femme | Power of Nature

By Donna | December 2, 2014

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over,
it became a butterfly…

It was truly a beautiful day when we went to Lynn Valley to shoot with Jamie and the group hike to a scenic river. Along the way Jamie shared about little secrets of the forest that most people miss. With her expertise, she pointed out and taught us about the moss and fungus, giving us a new sense of wonder and amazement to nature. The whole day was overflowing with serenity, peace, and a sense of recovery.

Recovery is about progression, not perfection.

While on this shoot, I loved how empowering it was to see these beautiful women shine and be awakened by the forest. Their smiles glowing brighter and brighter as we travelled deeper along the trails. Upon arriving, an overwhelming sense of peace takes over and there were no words to be said rather smiles and deep breathes to enjoy the gentle streams of the river.

When we interviewed the two ladies on the hike, Donna and I couldn’t help but feel inspired by how much triumph these women had earned. They were motivated and determined and it was contagious. Their words had so much strength to it, teaching us that everyday is a second chance.

We are so encouraged that Jamie and her team are so dedicated to empowering women through nature and what we have experienced through these treks were unforgettable.

– Greta

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