Hope Through Nature [FASD Documentary]

By Nouver | April 18, 2016

I used to think making movies take a really long time. Now that I’m part of making even short films, I can see why. From the concept of the film, to the filming, to the editing, every detail gets looked over and decided upon. Nothing is left to chance, because story, is valuable and precious and never should get a haphazard treatment.

Nothing is haphazard about Forest and the Femme. When you hear Jaime Adams, one of the co-founders, speak about the organization and the heart behind it, you cannot help but wonder, “How can I support the cause?”

I think what moved us to do more than just a promo video for Jaime was that a deeper story needed to be told about what was happening in the DTES. To share what were these women facing and the difficulties that support workers had in helping them move forward with their lives.

It’s a story in the heart of our city that we felt hadn’t quite been told yet and we wanted to use the gifts and talents given to us to help bring awareness.

Well, we did. We went and made a short documentary.

Looking back, we had so much fun making this film, and we learned so much while making it. But while we had fun making it, learning more about the subject of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) and the impact it has upon marginalized women in our city was not. Please learn more about FASD and Forest and the Femme by going here: http://www.forestandthefemme.org

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