Melcor | Identity Statement

By Nouver | January 23, 2014

I recently had the great joy of revisiting one of my old haunts, a greasy spoon off Nanaimo and East Broadway with my wife. As a high school student, I would go for the $2.95 all-day breakfasts (and they’re STILL $2.95), to-go fries, and the surprisingly good fettucine alfredo, made fresh, no less. It has stuck around for a long time. I think it has stuck around because it stayed true to itself. It didn’t try to be something it wasn’t. It didn’t necessarily follow the trends. It just stuck to who it was, and is.

Now, I’m not comparing a full-life cycle real estate development and management company with a greasy spoon, but they have some similarities. Melcor has been around for a long time. More than half a century kind of long time. And it stayed true to itself, from family generation, to generation. You see, a company doesn’t stick around because of what it does. It sticks around because of who they are. And they are made up of people full of integrity who are focused on building great communities, managing land well and giving back to the community.

Being able to film behind the scenes footage of Melcor and the finished product of what they do was a great privilege. Being able to interview upper management and staff was inspiring, seeing how they thought and felt about their work, observing their passion at work, and witnessing the fruits of their labour. And we got to drive around Edmonton and Calgary, which I hadn’t done since I was a kid, being from the coast.

It was an amazing experience to film such a well-respected company, doing so many great things, and seeing their excellent work, backed by a team with character and integrity. And we can’t wait to see their legacy expanded into the future as they continue to build today.

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