John Oakley | Redemption’s Journey

By Donna | September 27, 2014

“Those who have fallen into self or circumstance
And walk in heartache and despair
Looking for answers to life Lord
And not knowing or seeing that you are standing there
Revive them Lord, with the power of your great love.”

– John Oakley

These words ring powerfully true for John Oakley. As we sat over coffee and heard his story, the hairs on the back of our necks stood. What a journey this man has been on. All over his life and story, you feel and hear and experience the Love of God and His guidance and grace.

We were so honoured to hear and tell his story on film. Thank you John for being a willing vessel for His glory 🙂

There’s enough story to his life to make a movie about it.. but for now, here’s a 4.5 min film on his redemptive journey from the street to a life of love, purpose and hope.

– donna


Brian Hosier says:

I know John from the work he does at UGM. I always knew that he was a special person with a caring heart but now that I know his story, I consider him an inspiration to all of us who have the privilege of knowing him. Well done John and thanks for sharing your story.

John Oakley says:

I was blessed to have been asked to share how God breathes life into a vessel which is willing to be revived. None of this would be possible without His great love and mercy. All the glory belongs to Him alone. Amen

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