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By Donna | September 29, 2014

Earlier this year, we were on the search for a wedding planner that aligned with our heart, values and passion. In our google search, we came across one by the name of Kailey-Michelle. Her personality, passion and heart came through so evidently on her website and blog that we had to meet her. Long story short, after 2hrs over coffee and sharing our hearts, we decided we just had to tell her story to the world and to have the world engage with her heart.

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Kailey is a beautiful gem when it comes to planning weddings in Vancouver. It blew us away to hear about how she cares for her clients, what she values most and how she stays grounded in her life. We knew that being venders and serving our clients meant so much more than what people see on the surface. The intention, time spent, hard work and dedication to our craft permeates every aspect of our business. And we can definitely say the same of Kailey-Michelle Events.

Kailey, thank you for letting us into your world and to get a glimpse of the beauty you see around you and in the relationships you impact.

To more moments that take our breath away!!

– donna

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