Meet Your Neighbours: Dairy Farmers

By Nouver | January 7, 2016

I recently made a discovery: ultrasounds are not as romantic as they make it on TV. As a guy, you’re surrounded by pregnant ladies who are uncomfortably drinking water to keep their bladders full so that the sonography gets a good image. Donna was incredibly uncomfortable, waiting her turn. When we got to see the first image of our baby, it was incredible but also a relief for her as she could finally go to the bathroom.

Dairy Farm 01

Speaking of bathroom, and making discoveries, we learned a lot of new things on a dairy farm recently. Seabreeze Farms produces milk for the Lower Mainland with many cows. One convenient afterthought for consumers is “I wonder what happens to all the poo those dairy cows produce.” Oh wait, we don’t think about that at all.

Dairy Farm 02

It is front and centre for farmer Jerry Keulen. In partnership with Fortis, he has a system that takes the manure, processes it for methane gas (which Fortis purchases) and the remaining material gets used as fertilizer that is odorless or bedding material for the cows. It was so impressive to see the system at work and how it is making a difference for the environment by utilizing the natural gas coming from the manure.

Dairy Farm 03

It was also impressive to see my wife bravely stand in boots in a river of poo as they washed away the manure in a trench where the cows poop into. “Anything for the shot” is a common phrase we toss around as a half joke in our industry. Sometimes, it’s no joke 😉

– Nouver


Jenn says:

Really enjoyed this video. Enticed me to find out who all the other “neighbours” are around us. Also gave me such an appreciation for the unsung heroes that play a part in our everyday lives.. I’d love to see a whole series of videos that showcase other “neighbours”… 🙂

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