StrongCamp Submission Video

By Claudia | November 26, 2015

Jacquelyn Son is a personal trainer in our hometown of Vancouver, Canada. We met her a few years ago when she was just beginning her journey of learning about health and fitness. We have seen her blossom and grow into the strong woman you see here and it is with such great joy that we share with you a glimpse into her life and story.

In a matter of days, we assembled the team and put together a vision and a script. The video you see here may only be one minute and ten seconds long, but there were a lot of moving parts to get this video from concept to pre-production, pre-production to production, production to post-production and finally from post-production to delivering the approved end product to the client.

All this said, we have to admit, Jackie was a star throughout the whole process. Her energy and youthful exuberance on set was refreshing (you’ll know what we mean when you meet her).

Jackie, we are so blessed to have worked on this project with you. We hope that Strong Camp will see the wonderful, genuine and strong woman that you are. All the best on this contest, Jackie!

If you’re interested to learn more about Jacquelyn (or Jackie, as we affectionately call her), feel free to connect with her over Facebook or through her website. You’ll find that she’s also a vegan, a writer and a bit of a health and wellness activist too.


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