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By Nouver | December 9, 2014

Many companies make products that help people and make their lives easier. Though this may be true of the apps that Tactus makes, the heart behind the apps is to allow the reconnecting of people.

Tactus makes apps that help stroke recovery patients have a better recovery process, while also streamlining a speech language pathologist’s job. On the one hand, the apps allow patients practice whenever they can, wherever they are. It also allows for caretakers to engage the patients, strengthening their relationships. For clinicians, they don’t have to be doing paperwork, or tallies during the session. The does that all for them, which frees them to be engaging their clients, giving them therapy that otherwise would be taken up by grunt work.

It’s awesome to see technology enhance human relationships, all the while making their lives better. It was a privilege to be able to tell this story of this app-making company with heart.

For Wakefield, this was great, being able to work with hired talent, and working in multiple locations (four to be exact). We worked this shoot day with a very lean crew: Donna, Greta and I. Donna worked as Director/Camera Op, Greta worked as Art Director/Set Decorator/Grip, and I worked as DP/Camera Op/Grip. On lean shoots, we all wear multiple hats, but it makes for a lot of fun. We had a lot of fun, making this come together, and it’s great to see the end product.
Shout out to Amora Massage Therapy for lending us their clinic to stand in as a hospital room, and Eli Bennett for creating the awesome score! I was so happy not to hunt for music that did exactly what Eli created. No joke.

– nouver

Direction: Donna Cheung
Lighting/Camera Ops: Nouver Cheung
Production Assistant: Greta Le
Editor: Donna Cheung
Score: Eli Bennett
Sound: Simon Cho

Special Thank you to Amora Massage Therapy

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