Three Stones Clothing Trailer

By Aaron | January 31, 2014

Oh man…it didn’t look good as I pulled down the blinds. I saw nothing but rain. That’s when I felt this sinking feeling from the bottom of my stomach start to grow. A whole month of hard work and preproduction, and it’s going to rain tomorrow?!


Luckily, with a lot of prayer, I woke up to a sky that wasn’t sunny, nor rainy per se, but more like God put a sponge in the sky to collect and hold the rain for the next 6 hours. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And from that moment on, I realized, this was going to be an amazing day. : )

The overall experience was pretty fun and exciting. I didn’t know bossing people around could be that much fun. I didn’t get the usually back talk like, “Don’t tell me what to do! You’re not the boss of me!” *insert finger wagging* This time, when I commanded for them to do something, they listened. It was a refreshing experience not only to shoot and Direct a video, but for people to listen to me and do as I say…!! Wow, my dream come true. lol.

So, I guess, I should either apologize and/or compliment my fellow minions whom I BOSSED around. To date, I don’t know if they have a grudge against me for pounding out orders from the get-go, or they respect me for doing such an “amazing job” *cough, cough.* In which upon reflection… I AM SOOOO SORRY.

Oh another note.. I’d like to take a moment and thank a few people:

Greta, thank you for creating such a magical space for all of us to work within. The look of those musical sheets really took us on a ride, as well as created such an enticing aroma as if some sort of a Dim Sum Palace was hidden in a magical forest.

Darci, the wonderful actress. Thank you for rolling around on the ground, standing there like a lamp post, staring into nowhere, listening to my awful jokes, laughing at me, and also for ‘bringing it’. We couldn’t of done it without you. The video would literally just be a couple of branches and leaves if it wasn’t for you. So, thank you. You really made the video of a higher quality with your look, and modelling expertise. : )

Susan, thank you for giving Wakefield and I this amazing opportunity to create something from our hearts and imaginations to represent your company. It’s what all artists dream of working with – creative freedom. From the get-go, you were very supportive. From the crappy drawings I had on a napkin, to the cheesy idea of fog in the forrest, (in which you need practice as a fog girl), to the final delivery. You and Mike have been purely awesome. Thank you. : )

Donna, thank you for helping me organize all the crazy, bizarre, and weirdness that goes on inside of my brain. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to tap into, and execute the inner genius inside that I truly believe exists in everybody. Everyone just needs a ‘Donna’ in their lives haha. Thank you for building these steps for me. You and Nouver have allowed me to see high enough not only to realize my potential, but close enough to reach my dreams. Love you guys. : ) oh yeah, almost forgot… your camera skills bobbing through the forest were pretty impressive. Nouver, thank you for giving me those tech tips and colour grading tips. If it wasn’t for you, the film wouldn’t have achieved the amazing look that it has. Thanks.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank my family who have supported me through this project.. especially my annoying sister Mui for putting up with me, and allowing me to force her to give me feedback on my edits (literally over 50 times). Thanks for your great ideas Mui. : )

So this is the moment all 3 of you have been waiting for… My FIRST DIRECTORIAL DEBUT collaborated with Three Stones Clothing, Music by Kytami, and Wakefield!

Thanks everybody, you all did an amazing job!



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