Travelling Abroad | Behind the Scenes

By Claudia | October 10, 2017

Red-eye flights and sleepless nights.

Sunrise call times and full-day grinds.

Late-night eats and bumpin’ road trip beats…

We were sent to North Chicago, Brazil and Ireland earlier this year to film stories of how local people and organizations were working together with businesses to bring economic and social change within their communities. Each community had unique needs and it was inspiring to see people come together to build a future for the next generation.

Truly, we have met so many wonderful people along the journey…

Some examples:

  • A passionate librarian in North Chicago filled with a vision to equip every child with the learning resources they need to flourish in life.
  • Teachers at an elementary school in North Chicago giving up their free time to teach their children’s parents basic life skills like financial stewardship, literacy, preparing their kids for college and more.
  • A fiery grandmother in Ireland who took on the challenging task of coordinating volunteer programs in her local community centre. This, responding to the increasing need for children and families to have a space where they can learn life skills, make friends and have fun together.
  • A non-profit organization in Brazil dedicated to providing education and educational resources for children who come from low-income families.

The list goes on and there are simply too many stories to tell here, but you get the point. There are some amazing, positive things happening all over the world and it’s normal, everyday people who are participating in it.

Indeed, we have grown and we have been stretched beyond our imagination, both personally and professionally. We are humbled to have had this opportunity and we hope and pray to discover more inspiring stories to share with you and with the rest of the world.

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