A Hidden Gem for Small Business Owners

By Donna | November 23, 2015

Have you ever felt like you have this great product, service or program that if only people knew about it, they’d want to get involved or learn more?

For the past year, I’ve been serving on the advisory committee of the small business council (at the Vancouver Board of Trade) and it’s been a really neat experience hearing and learning from different business owners on how they do business and how they’re making an impact. However, only a small group of people in the board of trade knew or understood who they are, what they do and the heart behind it.

This past summer we set out to change that.

In working with Austin Nairn, the program Director and the council’s advisory committee, we dug deep to uncover what the driving force and heart was behind this program.

It was a pretty inspiring experience to meet and hear from such passionate business owners, entrepreneurs and managers who genuinely love what they do.

Over the course of 2 shoot days, we travelled across town, visiting each of these businesses and filmed their story. From the Nat Bailey Stadium to a Gastown brick office, a boutique brow bar to a catering company, we experienced a diverse cross-section of various thriving businesses in our city.

I gotta say, I’m definitely honoured to have rubbed shoulders with some of these amazing men and women who are just going about their day, doing their thing. Through the planning and production process, our heart was to showcase their passion and their environment in a fresh and visually moving way. To capture the core essence and heartbeat of what this is really about and translate that into words that would make people lean in and listen.

We can’t wait to see what the Small Business Council will do in the days to come.. Watch their promo video and catch a glimpse of their heart.



Mo Dhaliwal | Director of Strategy, Skyrocket Digital Branding Agency
Ravy Mehroke | Co-Founder, Bombay Brow Bar
JC Fraser | General Manager, Vancouver Canadians Baseball
Judy Reeves | Owner, EdgeCeptional Catering
Rosalyn Mow | Notary Public


Director & Editor: Donna Cheung
Cinematography: Richard Tran & Nouver Cheung
Production Assistant: Greta Lee
Music: Eli Bennett
Audio: Simon Cho


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